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I was tagged by theyexplodemyovaries! Thanks love!

Her Questions:

1. Who is your role model?

My mother. She’s an example of what a strong and independent woman can do on her own. She may not be a CEO, but she raised two relatively normal children on her own.

2. How do you picture your life in 10 years?

With any luck, I’ll have successfully published at least one of my novels.

3. What is your biggest fear?

I have three that are all a tie for first place. Spiders, rejection and failure.

4. What was your favorite movie/cartoon growing up?

Uhhhhh, Pirates of Dark Water.

5. Describe the type of person you would fall for.

Smart, sarcastic, good sense of humor. 

6. Have you met your idol?

No. Not yet.

7. Favorite sport?


8. Favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones

9. Can you speak any other language than your mothertongue?

Spanglish. Does that count?

10. Which country would you like to visit?


My Questions:

1. If you could read any one book over and over without it becoming old, what would it be?

2. Comfort Food?

3. Tea or Coffee?

4. If you’re marooned on a desert island, what three things would you have with you and why?

5. What is more important, social awareness or social presence?

6. Beef, Chicken or Pork? 

7. Is it better to be loved or to love?

8. Favorite Movie?

9. One quirk no one really knows about you?

10. Unlimited Money or Food?

People I tag: waiting-in-the-wings, deanosaurussex, demonoffyre, cherxmarie, xdoyourworst, amitryptylina, doublelinthemorning, wearegroooot, carpexxnoctem

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Eyes On Fire Gradient Map PSD Pack



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Everything is Jared Followill’s ass and nothing hurts…


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